Dance with me…….

Dance was meant to be fun. So stop trying to be perfect. You don’t need to have the best foot arch, the highest kick, the skinniest body or the perfect turn out. Just get up, keep moving and have some fun! Less then a year ago I was struggling to rise up onto the balls of my feet and I was ashamed that I had got to that point after having been a professional dancer when I was younger. Move it or lose it? You’re damned right!

Even moving a little bit on a consistent basis is good for us. Human bodies were made to move but so many of us lead sedentary lives because of our work conditions and requirements, spending more time on social media and then ‘relaxing’ on the couch watching the goggle box. So my answer is to get up and dance, even if it’s for ten minutes a day. You will find the mental health benefits are great too. Dancing makes us happy.